Welcome to Ashdor White Dorper stud...

Ashdor is focused on producing quality white dorpers that are bred to perform under a broad range of conditions. The aim is to breed rams and ewes with all the attributes that make the white dorper the low maintenance, productive and profitable animal that it is renowned to be. Over a decade of careful breeding and selection has seen Ashdor place enormous emphasis on the production of sound stock with excellent shedding, muscling and conformation.

The rams and ewes produced by Ashdor are a testament to the attention to detail that is placed on the selection of ewes and sires for the breeding programs. Artificial breeding programs have been used to gain access to elite genetics, which in turn culminates in the availability of stud quality stock to the commercial producer. 

2019 Sale Inspection




Brucellosis Accreditation No 1224
Dermatosparaxis free flock
MN 1 Accredited

Ashdor welcomes enquiries for rams and ewes and semen from top sires will soon be available for purchase.

Please contact us at any time for further information.