Semen Sales


ASHDOR 160590 - retained for stud use

Sire: Armani 8136 (the sire of Loftus!!)  Dam: Ashdor 291

Scanning data

DOB: 10th July 2016    Weaned: 1st Oct 2016 weighing 38kg

Scanned: 15th Aug 2017  Wgt: 99kg  EMD: 46mm  Fat: 10mm

Comments: Always a stand out ram in his drop. Excellent conformation, never shorn & an early shedder. This ram is heavily muscled and has a lovely masculine head. His dam has consistently bred exceptional progeny and his sire has more than proven his ability to breed on. This ram also has an exceptionally quiet temperament.

Semen available: $30/dose


ASHDOR 150464 - retained for stud use

Sire: Terraweena 7091  Dam: Ashdor 091

Scanning data

DOB: 10th July 2015  Weaned: 5th Oct 2015 weighing 41.5kg

Scanned: 6th Sept 2016  Wgt: 88kg  EMD: 45mm  Fat:8mm

Scanned again: 15th Aug 2017 Wgt: 104.5  EMD: 52mm Fat: 9mm

Comments: This ram was the top ram in the 2016 drop. Never shorn (100% shedding) and has a lovely soft coat. He has excellent muscling and conformation. He encompasses all the attributes that Ashdor aims to breed and has progeny on the ground that are looking very promising.

Semen available: No (please enquire if interested)




We have sold out!

Our 2020 auction was a great success.

All 42 rams offered sold.

Top price $2900

Average $1881

Thank you to all our clients.


Other news

Ashdor recently purchased 2 rams at

the 2019 Dubbo National Sale; African

170070 & Nomuula 170189.

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