Ashdor has retained 2 very exciting young rams this year. These 2 future stud sires encompass everything that we aim to breed both being large framed, long, well-muscled rams with a soft, early shedding coat.



Ashdor 201131

Sire: Gossamer Downs 110422

Dam: Ashdor 670

Birth date: 16.05.20

Birth number: 1

Weaning weight (12weeks of age): 46kg

Scanning data (30.08.21): 97kg, EMA 46mm, Fat 6mm

Comments: A very balanced ram with a beautiful masculine head. He has exceptional conformation, particularly his legs and feet. He was 97kg at just 15months old, so has plenty of growing still to do! Early maturing, conformational correctness, 100% shedding, excellent depth of body and muscling, this boy has it all!

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Photo taken early Sept 2021, unshorn & straight from the paddock!


Ashdor 201196

Sire: Etiwanda 060613

Dam: Ashdor 643

Birth date: 20.05.20

Birth number: 2

Weaning weight (12weeks of age): 38kgs

Scanning data (30.08.21): 92.5kg, EMA 44mm, Fat 6mm

Comments: A long, well muscled ram with an exceptional slick early shedding coat. If frame, correct conformation & shedding ability is what you are after, then look no further!

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Photo taken early Sept 2021, unshorn & straight out of the paddock!



Its that time of year again!


10th Annual on property sale

Tuesday 19th September 2023

Inspection from 10am

Sale from 11am

Photos available now

Catalogue available closer to

sale date.


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